An Inside Look Into MLG’s Culture

September 9, 2018

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A Brief History

MLG Blockchain was founded in 2016 by Michael Gord. We began building our team to include our executives and directors who are passionate about blockchain adoption and providing solutions. In 2017, we developed our global presence through hosting and attending industry events, cultivating blockchain ambassadors and promoting student networks, and began consulting on blockchain-powered solutions for pressing issues. We have since expanded to include over 70 employees, and have consulted on over 100 million dollars worth of token sales.


What does MLG mean to you?

We asked around the company what MLG meant to each person and here are some of the responses:


Cyrus Montazemi – MLG is more than an organization. The fundamental core of MLG is the ability to grow and establish a flourishing community both internally and externally throughout the blockchain industry. Starting with Michael Gord in Canada, the concept of putting community growth before personal or professional agendas has been the reason why we’ve been able to grow such a strong team in a short amount of time. By joining community members in collaborative partnerships, providing technical workshops, educational seminars, hosting events around the world and providing thought leadership, we’ve witnessed immense growth across the board with all stakeholders involved. Besides the amazing team environment, consulting on and building blockchain solutions to move our world through the next industrial revolution is as exciting as anyone could imagine. We are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of digital communication and will continue to provide leadership in the critical growth of this new community-driven world.


Joaquim Miro – MLG is a platform that allows you to get right into the middle of the blockchain industry. The level of deal-flow we see everyday is exciting, and even more so is the level of teamwork and leadership that every person in the organization strives to uphold. It goes to show that anyone with ambition, integrity and a genuine willingness to help others can be given the keys to enable very fast career and self-development.


Michael Laurens – What does MLG mean to me? Simply put, MLG has been the most exciting journey of my career. Being at the forefront of the newest and most exciting wave of technological development of our generation and having helped grow one of the world’s most recognized and prestigious blockchain consultancy firms has been nothing less than exhilarating. MLG represents decentralized and global technologies and our team mirrors this. We are a global team of professionals with the most enthusiastic and driven members, and our growth is a direct reflection of this fact.


Tess Pereira – I love being a consultant at MLG! Each day is challenging and exciting. I have the opportunity to work with an international team and gain exposure to a variety of clients and business departments. Although some may think that working in a decentralized manner can be difficult, I find this modern approach makes our team more united as we have a strong, mutual understanding of our shared mission. There is a supreme level of collaboration, solidarity, unparalleled support, and a unique company culture.


Kyle Fry – MLG is a platform that provides me with an opportunity to have high impact in a firm that is in an industry I am passionate about.  Having left investment banking to pursue a career in blockchain at MLG has been one the most rewarding decisions I’ve ever made. There are so many moving pieces to our strategy as we expand and build more partnerships that there is never a dull moment.  It’s extremely rewarding to be part of a team of global blockchain champions fully immersed in the technology.


Building the blockchain leaders of tomorrow

MLG Blockchain provides leadership opportunities to employees in every role across the company, and we are proud of the leadership culture we have developed internally. We respect that every member of our team has a unique set of skills, and we hope to cultivate their talents and support their growth both personally and professionally. We know that without the best people, we cannot be the best firm.

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Become our next recruit

We put a strong emphasis on identifying, recruiting, and developing the next generation of leaders in the blockchain industry. In doing so, we are creating the onramp for the next “champions” to obtain the industry experience and connections needed to thrive. If you are interested in joining our team, we invite you to apply for a position for with our company.

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