Our Team of Blockchain Experts

Michael G - MLG Blockchain

Michael Gord

Founder & CEO

Michael Gord is the founder/CEO of MLG Blockchain and has spun out sister companies incl. but not limited to StratX, AirdropX, BlockTalentX, etc. He's also the founder/CEO of Bitcoin Canada, a BoD member of the Blockchain Association of Canada, and an advisor & investor at/of Distributed ID.

Kyle F - MLG Blockchain

Kyle Fry


Prior to his role at MLG, Kyle spent almost 10 years at Credit Suisse in the M&A group focusing on technology clients and transactions predominately in FinTech and payments. Kyle has announced over $70 billion in transactions having led many deals from initial engagement to closing.

Joaquim Miro

Founding Partner & CMO

Prior to his role at MLG, Joaquim played an integral role in the successful Canadian launch of Whole Blends at L’Oreal Canada; he started his own marketing agency as well. He also grew the Blockchain Education Network on a global spectrum and co-founded Crypto Media Global, BlockTalentX, and WhitelistX.

Brian L - MLG Blockchain

Brian Leiberman


Brian Leiberman is the Chief Operating Officer at MLG Blockchain. Brian is the director of BlockHacks, a blockchain centered hackathathon and is a Certified Bitcoin Professional. Before joining MLG, Brian served as Head of Operations and Business Development at Guiker.com as well as for Sonder.com previous to that.

Oren B - MLG Blockchain

Oren Bouzaglo

Legal Counsel

Prior to joining MLG, Oren has acted as legal counsel for various cryptocurrency startups, as well as having led & closed numerous closed various multimillion-dollar deals Fortune 500 companies. He is experienced in capital markets and business valuation, enabling him to tackle legal issues from a holistic perspective.

Sean S - MLG Blockchain

Sean Stapley

Director, Business Development

Sean is Director of Business Development at MLG, where he and his team lead client acquisition, due diligence and strategic partnerships. Prior to MLG, Sean worked at several disruptive Canadian Fintech firms in both operations and sales, and he has a keen interest in emerging technologies that aim to have a positive social impact.

Emie L - MLG Blockchain

Emie-Claude Lamoureux

Director, Public Relations

Emie-Claude Lamoureux is the PR Director at MLG Blockchain and the Editor-in-Chief of Timestamp Magazine, a leading source of bitcoin, blockchain and fintech events, education and news. Emie-Claude is an active player in the sustainable development and has co-founded L’Autre Couleur, a digital marketing agency that caters to sustainable and social impact companies.

Dave M - MLG Blockchain

Dave McKay

Lead, Enterprise Consultant

Dave has over thirty years of experience in the software industry. He has been a Vice-President at NMA, TransGaming and VitalHub, an IT Director at CATIE and a blockchain consultant at Polytier Software. Dave is also an award winning comedy performer.

Kerem K - MLG Blockchain

Kerem Kolcuoglu

Director, Enterprise Consulting

Kerem's a leader who's harnessed the transformative powers of blockchain to uncover opportunities for multinational enterprises, governments, and educational institutions. Previously, Kerem worked as a Technology Consultant in the Risk Assurance practice at PwC Canada and as an Analytics Consultants in the Digital & Loyalty team at the Canadian Tire Corporation.

Jeff H - MLG Blockchain

Jeff Holek

Director, Technology

Jeff Holek is a product-focused engineer with a thirst for disruptive technology. Having worked in both product development and technical consultancy spaces, Jeff has helped to build/scale several world-class products. He's presently & actively working with Academia, Enterprises, and Government in order to drive greater user adoption/understanding at MLG.

Cyrus M - MLG Blockchain

Cyrus Montazemi

Enterprise Consultant

Cyrus is a process implementation engineer with a passion for data management practices and disruptive technologies. As a strategic analyst and implementation consultant, he actively works with multinational organizations to develop frameworks for adopting blockchain solutions and other emerging technologies.

Dave S - MLG Blockchain

Dave Sandhu

Director, Global Communities

Davejot is a community and growth marketing professional with 6 years of marketing experience working for high growth VC Funded startups in the Blockchain SaaS, Health Tech, and Home Automation Technology space.

Rasheed E - MLG Blockchain

Rasheed El-Hindi

Director, Investor Relations

Prolific investor relations director with 8 years of experience in uncovering great projects and bringing them to investors. Bridging the gap between interested investors and substantial opportunities.

Tess P - MLG Blockchain

Tess Pereira

Lead, Consultant

Tess Pereira has helped lead several ICO campaigns. Prior to joining MLG, she was a financial consultant focusing on AML regulatory compliance.

Dave M - MLG Blockchain

Dave Mirynech

Director, Research

Dave is a dual-degree student in Finance & Business at the University of Western Ontario, the President of Ivey Fintech, and serves on the BOD for the Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab at Ivey. Dave's passions primarily lie at the intersection of blockchain and capital markets.

Elliot L - MLG Blockchain

Elliot Leimer

Director, M&A

Can navigate through life with a balance sheet and an underwater compass. 1 Part Swiss banker, 2 part digital nomad, 3 part nature lover, Elliot's always looking for new challenges and new parts.

Justin E - MLG Blockchain

Justin Ellery

Manager, Marketing

With an extensive background in digital marketing & startup advisory, Justin has worked with companies in numerous verticals to successfully scale their business models across North America & internationally. Justin is presently engaged with providing strategic guidance to clients launching ICOs at MLG Blockchain.

Marc Bruyere

Lead, Marketing Strategy

Marc is a proficient marketing expert with experience in finance, blockchain technology, and user experience. Since completing his Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University, he has spent time working on 3 different continents, started a design agency and actively advises on several projects.

alberto mera - mlg blockchain

Alberto Mera


Alberto Mera began his career as investment analyst in traditional finance before becoming a serial entrepreneur with over 7 businesses launched. Last of which, sent him down the blockchain rabbit hole.

GClay - MLG Blockchain

G Clay Miller

Lead, Government Relations Consultant

G Clay utilizes his background in government & policy to explore how blockchains and other emerging technologies can be applied to improve the delivery of government services. He has previously researched at Human Rights Watch, served as a delegate to the United Nations, and worked in the United States Senate.

Pete MLG Blockchain

Petar Nikolov

Associate, Sales

After completing his Masters in Business and Management at Glasgow University with Honors, Pete has advanced his skills in process optimization, sales, marketing and business operations. As a huge fan of innovative technology, falling in love with blockchain was inevitable. At MLG, Pete handles sales and client acquisition, due diligence and strategic partnerships.

Evan Brown

Lead, Education

Evan specializes in online blockchain education. His prior experience as a regional head of the Blockchain Education Network and founder of the Concordia FinTech Society. Has given him the knowledge to efficiently explain high level concepts to any audience.

Jay Y - MLG Blockchain

Jay Yi

Enterprise Consultant

An MBA with diverse range of experiences from government, healthcare, commercial finance, consulting and banking. Strategically analyzing industry use-cases and exploiting simple but realistic blockchain applications to implement for cost savings, efficiencies and increased security for both businesses and governments.

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Our Team of Blockchain Advisors

Aaron Schwartz

CEO, Block 365

marty secada mlg advisor

Marty Secada

Managing Director, Broad & Wall Advisors

Marty is currently the Managing Director at Broad and Wall Advisors, and the Managing Director at IvyFON, a peer-to-peer network of for institutions, family offices and funds based out of New York. Marty provides a broad network and extensive global business experience to the MLG team.

Toshendra Sharma

CEO, Toshblocks

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