MLG Blockchain Ambassador Network

The MLG Ambassador Network is a global network of blockchain and ICO enthusiasts who are focused on creating strong world of mouth networks and growing local communities for blockchain projects we believe in.

The MLG Ambassador Network is growing at a very fast pace, increasing from 2 to over 80 members in less than 3 months. We advocate for a network of some of the most exciting blockchain companies in the world including the Tron Foundation, the Loopring Foundation and LaLa World, among others.

Network Vision

We believe that blockchains will bring positive change to our world. With this in mind, it is indispensable to raise awareness on this technology and its capabilities to truly empower communities and grassroots movements around the globe. This is why we began the MLG Ambassador Network— to accelerate the worldwide adoption of blockchain-powered solutions.

MLG Ambassador Network :

Be part of a Global Network

The MLG Ambassador Network is currently active in 9 countries and is growing every single day. If you want to be connected with the MLG Ambassador Network in your region or would like to expand the MLG Ambassador Network to a new region, we encourage you to contact us.

Join Ambassador Network :

Join the MLG Ambassador Network

Thank you for your interest in joining the MLG Ambassador Network!

If you haven’t created your ambassador dashboard account yet, click this link to signup. Our team will approve your account. Please make sure you complete your community profile after signing up.

Feel free to bookmark the community’s link for quick access to your dashboard:


MLG Blockchain Ambassador


MLG Blockchain Ambassador

You start your journey as an MLG Blockchain Ambassador. You’ll get connected to the Ambassador Community, the MLG Blockchain team and receive exclusive training and resources to help you get started in the global blockchain community and become a thought leader in your local community.
  • Comprehensive online documentation and training on how to participate in community tasks, airdrops.
  • Resources and tools to help you host blockchain themed online and offline events
  • Direct connection to the MLG Blockchain team


MLG Blockchain Evangelist

After you’ve been actively taking part in daily tasks and prove to be a valuable member to our community you will be promoted to an MLG Blockchain Evangelist. You’ll get access to more specialized tasks and campaigns which will give you more opportunities to earn and work more closely with the community development team.
  • MLG Blockchain Evangelist badge and you’ll be listed on the MLG Blockchain website
  • Get exclusive access to special community tasks and client campaigns with higher payouts
  • Get support and resources from the MLG Blockchain team to organize your own local events


MLG Blockchain Insider

An MLG Blockchain Insider is a very active member in our community, takes initiatives to improve our program and brings immense value to our clients. MLG Blockchain Insiders will get access to extensive training to become an MLG Blockchain Consultant and work directly with the MLG Blockchain team on client projects.
  • You’ll get your own MLG Blockchain Email
  • An MLG Blockchain Kit
  • MLG Insider badge and you’ll be listed on the MLG website
  • You’ll get access to In-depth online training on becoming an MLG Blockchain Consultant
  • You get access to the MLG Insider Group

Work with us :

Collaboration is our catalyst for innovation

We gather organizations, startups, and individuals that might not otherwise work together, and give them a place and a process to get things done.
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