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19 Feb

Jacob Kostecki

Blockchain Use Cases

So let’s take a look at some of the most popular blockchain use cases. Financial Services Millions of people work in financial services, with their role basically reduced to shuffling data and paperwork through the vast pipes of the global payments processing system through millions of valves, chutes and sluices. Things move very slow (days for checks to clear), mistakes are abundant (information leaks all the time, account balances are wrong, etc.) and fraud and misdeeds are rampant. Blockchains, powered with smart contracts, can automate all of these transactions and eliminate human error and tremendous expense. From enabling international payments to powering mortgages - making them much faster and much cheaper - blockchains are a perfect fit for the financial services industry.

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07 Feb

Jacob Kostecki

Blockchain Implementation Strategies

So you’ve heard of Bitcoin and have even sent some fractions of Bitcoin to friends to pay them back for the grocery shopping they did for the 4th of July barbecue. Maybe you even know that Bitcoin, as well as all other cryptocurrencies, are made possible thanks to a distributed database structure called blockchain, part of wider concept of distributed ledger technology. And after knowing and experimenting with this knowledge, now you would like to implement a blockchain-based technology solution in your company or organization.

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04 Feb

Jacob Kostecki

DLT vs. Blockchain Use Cases

Although the differences are nuanced, in broad terms blockchains, especially public blockchains, are the most solid rails for cryptocurrency payments while more broad distributed ledger technologies are finding a home in more of a corporate, organized environment. Because blockchains are usually more secure then average DLT applications they lend themselves better to payments, but they are also slower as they require a more robust consensus mechanism. DLTs also allow for more flexibility in the on-chain/off-chain relationship, again with security and consensus being sacrificed for the sake of speed.

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30 Jan

MLG Team

DLT Technology & Blockchain

Blockchain vs. Distributed Ledger Technology

As time progresses and the blockchain space expands, new technologies will fill out the DLT space alongside public blockchains, permissioned blockchains and non-cryptographically secured distributed databases. As this happens the definitions will also evolve and become increasingly clear and specific. DLT and blockchain both implement a distributed ledger and have common founding principles. However, each real-world use case is very specific. Blockchains are the smaller subset of the larger concept of distributed ledger technology.

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