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17 Dec

Akshay Sood, Research Analyst

blockchain and gift cards feature

Blockchain And Gift Cards

Gift cards shifted the paradigms of marketing and consumer acquisition when they were first introduced. At the time, such a novel idea took the retail/service industries by storm. However, through the stagnation of its development including the ignorance of its issues, through a paralysis of the system, the gift card industry has more to lose than its perceived gain. With technologies like blockchain coming forth, a propitious solution for the gift card industry may be on the horizon.

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12 Dec

Jacob Kostecki

Industry 4.0

While the internet has revolutionized the way we send information, it has done very little for how we build roads, develop products, construct buildings and ship goods across the world. Much of that is still done manually or at most with the help of computerized information systems, which aren’t even necessarily online. Very little about the real world is automated. Millions of people still have to turn on machines, log their work, supervise them, make sure the work they do is paid for and so on and so forth.

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10 Dec

Jacob Kostecki

Interoperability Between Chains

We all know the saying “have your people call my people”, but if you feel the saying is dated you might be ready for its successor - “have your computer talk to my computer”. Machines are slowly but surely starting to communicate with each other. It’s been going on for ages at the industrial level, with all sorts of machines and computers exchanging information and instructions and now the trend has entered the home, where your thermostat talks not only to your furnace, but now also to your skylight motor, your blinds, your garage door and so much more. Now imagine if the newest breed of systems - blockchains - were all able to speak to each other? That’s what interoperability between chains is - the ability of blockchains to exchange information and convey data.

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04 Dec

Jacob Kostecki

International Blockchain Solutions Are The Future

The future of business will continue to be more and more digital and information will be stored even more virtually. But as distances expand and velocity in business increases, we still have the same need for trust in both our strategic and transactional business dealings and international blockchain solutions will be the fabric that underpins all of that. These programmed decentralized and immutable business processes will form infrastructure that will soon underpin the totality of international trade.

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