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14 Nov

Jacob K

Reverse Token Sales – An Upcoming Trend

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30 Oct

G Clay Miller

ethics in blockchain

Ethics in Blockchain: Considerations and recommendations from a comparative political approach

Like with any new technology, ethics are often times unclear due to the nature of the transformation, and our inability to perceive the threats as a society. The following article outlines a non-exhaustive list of considerations and recommendations that should be examined prior to beginning any new blockchain project.

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30 Oct

Joaquim Miro

Token Return On Investment (TROI)

Token Return On Investment – A New Paradigm

Here is the first piece ever written on the concept of Token Return On Investment (TROI). As blockchain technology and digital assets gain adoption, marketers will have the opportunity to utilize a whole new set of tools to develop their communities and networks. Yet how will we measure these campaigns? With Token Return on Investment.

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30 Oct

MLG Team

What other use cases can blockchain technology impact?

Beyond finance, what other use cases can blockchain technology impact?

Blockchain technology is certainly growing a vibrant following in the city of Montreal. On July 11th, a room full of technology enthusiasts, blockchain developers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and students gathered at Concordia’s District 3 Innovation Centre (D3) to learn about non-financial applications for blockchain technology from leading entrepreneurs and experts.

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