Blockchain Capital Roadshows

As a blockchain project, one of the most important parts of a successful raise is securing private capital. Doing requires building relationships with interested investors, funds and high networth individuals, which we can offer through our blockchain capital roadshow offerings. We have built a strong global network of valued investors through careful and collaborative relationship management.

MLG Blockchain Roadshows - Capital Roadshows


Every month, we chose five projects to participate in our roadshow. The roadshow happens over the course of three weeks across six cities in North America, including three on the East Coast and three on the West Coast. These cities include Toronto, New York City, Montreal, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Vancouver.

By coming on this roadshow, you gain the opportunity to meet face to face with over 100 accredited investors. This gives you the unique chance to quickly build high quality relationships with key stakeholders in the space, that could either immediately invest or become strategic partners that invest down the line.

A regular day involves meetings investors at 9am, noon, 3pm and with events and/or dinners during the evenings. The events range from in person office meetings with family offices and large financial institutions, to accredited investor and high net worth luncheons.

For more information please visit our MLG Blockchain Roadshows website.

MLG Blockchain is associated with a broker-dealer, GB Capital Markets, which allows you to work seamlessly with FINRA-registered representatives for your private placement. The MLG team now has the ability to secure private capital and offer compliant solutions on behalf of clients in the United States.

While we cannot specify any client names for this service line, we confirm the level of service provided to clients has allowed them to complete successful raises.


The feedback from both investors and projects has been phenomenal.

  • Over half of our previous cohorts have follow up meetings with multiple investors
  • 95% of investors have expressed interest to remain onboard for following roadshows
  • Projects have come from all over North America and Europe.

Our clients have raised over 220M in total in the past year.



Starting in 2019, MLG has begun to roll out a Blockchain Roadshow service in New York, Toronto and Montreal (more cities to be announced). The mission of Blockchain Roadshows is to bring leading blockchain firms together with the most active capital groups in each region of the world to fund the blockchain revolution. Investors are looking for education & guidance to enter the blockchain industry without exposing themselves to the risks that come with an uncertain and premature market. Over the last 2 years, MLG Blockchain has been working with investors to connect them with highly vetted projects that are using blockchain technology to make an impact in the world while achieving quality returns for our capital network.


Disclaimer: While we do everything we can to introduce the right clients to the right investors and prepare clients to pitch properly, we cannot guarantee investment.

We will determine your current and future needs and work to find the appropriate mix of services along with a pricing model to fit your budget. We use a results-oriented model to make sure our clients get what they need.

Please reach out to schedule a discussion for further information.

The Blockchain Capital Roadshows Checklist


Project Pitch Deck
Refined Verbal Pitch
2 Pager Overview Document
Offering Memorandum & Details Refinement
Dataroom Onboarding


Multiple Daily Investors Meetings
Evening Events For Follow Ups & Networking
Business Card Swaps
Meetings Logistics All Taken Care of
Ongoing pitch refinement after every meeting
Post-Roadshow Follow Up

Partners We Work With

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Over the past year we've worked with over 25 clients including startups, enterprises, governments, academic institutions and investors. We've consulted on token offerings totalling over 200M USD, established a presence in over 60 countries and accelerated the blockchain adoption of multiple established businesses on a global basis.

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