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As a blockchain agnostic firm, we give unique insights to any technical project. Our experts, combined with our developer network, provide extensive advisory services to ensure the success of your project.

Technical Consulting - MLG Blockchain


Our tech team can provide you with the understanding and tools necessary to create and implement blockchain solutions. Working hand-in-hand with our enterprise consulting team, MLG’s technical advisors and developers can aid in blockchain UI/UX design; select a blockchain architecture to build with keeping in mind scalability and efficiency; and train your developers on how to build a decentralized application in-house.



Success story: Blockchain architecture and design

MLG angel invested and helped bootstrap a blockchain identity startup venture. We helped design the blockchain identity infrastructure using Hyperledger. This project received further external investment and is now being tested to power digital identities for multiple large Chinese banks and fraud prevention partner companies.



Success story: Blockchain audit uncovered important errors

MLG was a major advisor for the first and largest networks for freelance blockchain jobs. Our experts designed, configured and developed the blockchain backend and smart contracts powering the platform. BitJob is currently being tested to launch at 10+ universities including MIT, McGill, Ivey, Berkeley, and Michigan.


Consulting at MLG takes a client-driven approach. After a deep dive of research on a project, we confirm timelines in order to create a transparent working relationship.

Once a project kicks off, we prioritize communication and tracking to obtain consistent feedback from the client. This ensures that the working relationship remains productive to the client’s end goals.

The Technical Consulting Checklist

The Process

Kickoff Call to Confirm Scope and Subject Matter
Discovery: Deep dive on the outlined subjects
Collecting Documentation and Current State
Analysis: Review of Current State
Report: Documenting Findings and Reviewing with Client
Strategize: Suggesting Changes as part of a Review Session
Final Report Created and Transferred to Client
Next Steps Discussed
Note: Our client-based approach means this checklist may vary

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Over the past year we've worked with over 25 clients including startups, enterprises, governments, academic institutions and investors. We've consulted on token offerings totalling over 200M USD, established a presence in over 60 countries and accelerated the blockchain adoption of multiple established businesses on a global basis.

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