Product Design (UI/UX)

We design and conduct proper full-stack product design, and facilitate user research and usability testing as well as all necessary iterations to ensure you have a human-centered decentralized application.

Product Design (UI/UX) - MLG Blockchain


Our product design service is focused on ensuring you have a long-lasting product that is intent on widespread user-adoption.

We will help you bridge the gap between blockchain’s promise for the world and the user’s needs. This can be accomplished via a full-spectrum of what design-thinking has to offer. From the product marketing all the way to a Minimum Lovable Product. While developers are focused on feasibility, our design team work with you closely to determine the scope of your project and the level of customization required to make it a reality.

We will also provide insights on the expectations for your platform while anticipating any potential roadblocks. This ensures that you have the highest level of understanding of the customer base for your product or platform.

Landing Page Optimization –  Kinesis

Optimization of landing pages to ensure you provide the right information to the right audience is primordial to a successful raise.


Front-end Web – CDx

This front-end web design project lasted 1 month, enabling to capture the right brand elements of the project. Branding strategy is the first step towards having clear messaging towards your enthusiasts.



The Product Design arm at MLG Blockchain covers the following areas:

  1. Mobile Applications
  2. Web Applications
  3. Mechanism Design
  4. Website Design and Development
  5. Others – depending on your circumstances

Product Design Checklist

What to Expect

Product Marketing or Branding
User Research
User Experience Design
User Interface Design
Usability Testing
Interaction Design
Front-End Web Development

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Over the past year we've worked with over 25 clients including startups, enterprises, governments, academic institutions and investors. We've consulted on token offerings totalling over 200M USD, established a presence in over 60 countries and accelerated the blockchain adoption of multiple established businesses on a global basis.

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