Tokenization & Smart Contract Development

We develop and implement proper full-suite penetration testing and auditing to facilitate blockchain and smart contract design, development and deployment to build your project from the ground up. We also have white label software that can be repurposed.

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We make sure that the tokenization of your project is backed by the best quality of code, and we identify any potential security flaws. This includes testing for data compliance, integer overflow and underflow, race conditions, DoS attacks, and timestamp dependence, among others.

Our team ensures that your code is readable and well documented, consistent, and tested for scalability. We will review your smart contract architecture with a focus on game theory, incentives, pain points and usability, and complete our service with an audit report.


Code Audits


Secured several smart contracts developed by a firm building applications on Ethereum. MLG audited several Solidity smart contracts for Blockable for DOS, sybil, call depth and reentrancy attacks, among others.


MLG performed a security audit of the Elloyment crowdsale audit in December 2017. We conducted individual inspections of the contracts, reviewed the codebase, performed tests and employed proprietary and open source tools to ensure the safety and correctness of protocol implementation.


Token Development

APT Systems

MLG assisted in the technical development of APT System’s Spera token, a stablecoin that is pegged 1:1 to the US dollar. Using ERC-20 token standards and unique functionality, Spera will open up a new form of digital value transfer that adds an additional level of transparency to cryptocurrency.


Since its foundation, MLG Blockchain has advised on over 200 million dollars worth of token sales globally. Our development team will work closely with your company to ensure the security and usability of your token-based project, and support your team in building smart contracts. As a blockchain agnostic firm, we have experience developing and launching tokenized assets and smart contracts across various blockchain fabrics, including the Bitcoin blockchain, Ethereum, TRON, AION, Steller, etc.

We use an Agile delivery approach using Scrum methodology to transform a concept into a successful project.

The Tokenization Checklists

Smart Contract Auditing Checklist

Kickoff Call to Review Contract to be Audited
Key Functionality Review
Code Review Process
Common Attacks Tested
In Depth Review of Vulnerabilities
Audit Report Created and includes Severity of Vulnerability, Explanation, and Recommendations
Report Sent and Reviewed with Client

Tokenization and Smart Contract Development Checklist

Client Kickoff Call to Plan Project Scope and Sprint(s) Schedule
Features Defined and Prioritized in Backlog
Interactive Report Created and Distributed as Reference
Development Sprint
Test Cases Created and Executed on Testing Network
Interactive Report Updated and Reviewed with Client
Process Repeats as Scheduled
Smart Contract(s) Audited and Deployed to Main Net
Interactive Report Finalized and Code Documentation Released to Client

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Over the past year we've worked with over 25 clients including startups, enterprises, governments, academic institutions and investors. We've consulted on token offerings totalling over 200M USD, established a presence in over 60 countries and accelerated the blockchain adoption of multiple established businesses on a global basis.

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