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Next Top Blockchain Exec is Canada’s first inter collegiate Blockchain case competition. Compete against Canada’s best to become Canada’s Next Top Blockchain Exec.

General Info

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Canada’s Next Top Blockchain Exec, hosted by MLG Blockchain Consulting. The goal of this competition is to encourage Canada’s top university students to educate themselves on blockchain technology, while thinking critically and strategically about its implications.

To get started, create a team of up to four members. In your team, develop a strategy addressing the problem given in the first round problem statement. Submit your slide deck by February 28th, 2018. The top 20 teams will advance to the next round.

The second round problem statement will be given by BlockMason, the cornerstone of the decentralized web. This problem will deal with real world application of the blockchain.

On March 31st, the top five teams will compete in Toronto at an day long case competition. At the end of the event, the winning team will receive 5,000 BlockMason Credit Protocol Tokes (BCPT), an interview at MLG Blockchain, and the title of Canada’s Next Top Blockchain Exec! Second place will receive 2500 (BCPT), and third place will be presented with 1000 BCPT.

First Round Problem Statement

Pick any company you believe could stand to gain from an ICO and use of blockchain technology. Build a slide deck that outlines your strategy and solution. Consider the economy, industry, and current technological trends and capabilities. Focus on why a company may choose to pursue an ICO and its benefits, (ex. why an ICO over traditional financing, the value of using blockchain) the possible utility of the token or coin, and the cost of marketing and developing the ICO. Outline potential growth opportunities following the ICO including partnerships and broad strategic goals.

Feel free to be as creative as you’d like for your slide deck. We do suggest you include these five topics.

  • - Introduction and current market overview
  • - Issues Facing the company/Present and Potential Opportunities (ICO)
  • - Strategic Plan (Marketing, token economics)
  • - Action Plan (Timeline and Implementation)
  • - Risks and Mitigation (Potential drawbacks, regulations, how they will be addressed)
  • 1 - The contest is only open to students currently enrolled in any Canadian University.
  • 2 - First round submissions must be sent by February 28th.
  • 3 - First round submissions must be in a slide deck format.
  • 4 - Each team size has to no greater the four members.
  • 5 - Sources must be provided in first round submission.


John Doe

Michael Gord

CEO of MLG Blockchain Consulting

John Doe

Michael Chin

CEO of BlockMason

John Doe

Derek Manuge

CEO of Corl


Submission dates for each phase

12:00 PM
Problem Statement will be released

First round opens on February 1st, 2018. First round submissions are due February 28th with a week of judging.

12:00 AM
Problem comes up! You need to change your proposal.

Winning teams of Round one will be presented with the second round question on March 7th.

12:00 PM
Winners Invited to Toronto

Winners of round three will be brought to Toronto on March 30th to compete in an all day case completion on March 31st.

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