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About Us

MLG Blockchain is a global venture creation and capital advisory firm with blockchain technology development and broker dealer capabilities. Headquartered in Toronto and New York City with a distributed team across 20+ countries, MLG Blockchain offers premium blockchain consulting services, with both regional and global representation for clients around the world.

MLG Blockchain consultants have experience that spans across a wide range in the blockchain industry. We have played an important role in taking over 20 tokensales to market, which solve problems in industries as diverse as media to the refugees crisis, and has resulted in over 200M raised. Our government and enterprise teams have worked alongside Fortune 100 enterprises and global governments to accelerate blockchain adoption and transformations within the enterprise or country and we have built blockchain products with various architectures including POC’s to production applications.

We are Blockchain and DLT agnostic and have experience with many blockchain fabrics including the Bitcoin Blockchain, Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, Ripple, Factom, Tron, Neo, Icon & Aion, among other protocols. We are also experienced working with many types of blockchain development and distributed ledger technology APIs, software frameworks, databases, and devOps tools for testing and agile development.

We have the experience to speed up your team’s understanding of the blockchain and its potential opportunities to help you to create a blockchain strategy you can use today.

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Blockchain Services

We provide a turn-key approach for our clients, whether seeking solely blockchain development consulting, marketing services or capital raising. We can walk you from the whitepaper, explainer video and website to funding utilizing a global integrated marketing campaign, and our enterprise partnerships leading to listing on major international exchanges

Global Capital

  • Capital Raise Preparation
  • Capital Raise Outreach
  • Full-Suite Marketing & PR
  • Community & Events Management

Blockchain Consulting

  • PoC & MVP Builds
  • Technical Consulting
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Product Design (UI/UX)


  • Educational Workshops
  • Recruitment Services
  • Strategy & Partnerships
  • Implementation & Integration


Some of the teams we have worked with in the past


We work with over 50 global preferred partners to offer global solutions to our clients