We've been watching these industries. These are the trends we consider to be game-changing


Blockchain technology will offer a method to authenticate votes from anywhere in the world, without having to manually count ballots, and limit voter fraud.


Decentralized video-streaming and gaming is underway. Decentralized applications of all types (DAPPs), ranging from collectibles to geo-targeted mining games, allow users to trade goods between games and cashout for fiat.

Retail & CPG

Blockchains can help increase consumer trust and reduce the prevalence of counterfeit goods, through transparent supply-chain management and POS systems.


Blockchain technology can increase fraud detection and prevent risk in the insurance industry through smart contracts and better data tracking tools, which will ultimately lower the cost if insurance for consumers.


Putting health care records on the blockchain will significantly decrease administrative costs and time for health care providers, allowing doctors to have direct access to their patient’s medical history.

Financial Services

Digital currencies and blockchain technology can save trillions of dollars of transaction value per year, enable micropayments and free international remittances to happen instantly.


Blockchains will allow schools to gamify the learning experience for students. It will also allow for standardized testing and other grading systems to be more transparent and community-focussed.


The blockchain gives the ability for companies to pay the consumer directly without needing to go through the advertiser, which will drastically change the way advertisers connect with their target audiences.

Artificial Intelligence

APIs and AI infrastructure built on top of blockchain-based AI networks will be more intelligent and effective, allowing for siloes of big data to merge cross-industries. Onchain/offchain analysis will become a norm in executive decision making.

Automotive & Aerospace

By using blockchain and smart contract technology, vehicle and aerospace manufacturers can make their supply chains more effective and employ smart contracts for leasing.

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