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After collaboratively establishing the perfect blockchain adoption roadmap for your organization, our dedicated team of subject matter experts will work closely with your internal technology teams to integrate and implement blockchains into your existing processes

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Assisting your team in implementing blockchain technology for your project begins with training and developing the skill-set of your internal tech team through our technical workshops and training sessions.  Our proven development processes entails of our team of technical consultants working closely with internal tech teams to architect your blockchain application and create a timeline and budget for your project.  

Our technology team will help you to develop a proof-of-concept blockchain application that you can begin to test and integrate into your processes. Once the developed blockchain solution has been battle-tested, our team will ensure a secure integration roadmap is established to avoid operational risks or malfunctions with existing infrastructure.  To verify your decentralized application (dapp) is fully functional, we use a test suite to make sure it works as expected. Finally, we will build out a pilot dapp testnet that integrates your tested token with existing infrastructure.

We conclude our service with the launch of the production-ready implementation.



We designed and architected a payment management system to power a network of Asian banks in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Designed, architected and developed Ethereum and Bitcoin wallets; a blockchain explorer and an exchange from scratch.


What differentiates MLG Blockchain Consulting from other providers is the collaborative technical scoping process which all clients must go through with our technical experts. Embarking on a feasible and successful blockchain adoption strategy will require time, money, and most importantly buy-in from all the leaders of the organization.

We help clients understand the technology and envision their business’ optimal protocol by collaborating in technical workshops and training sessions. These sessions aren’t just limited to the internal tech teams, but are crucial for the key leaders to participate in brainstorming. Together we will find the best way to integrate the ideal blockchain solution into your organization’s existing systems.

This process usually takes between four months to 1.5 years, as it needs to be done correctly to ensure it provides more value rather than more complexity.

Blockchain Implementation & Integration Checklist


Planning token architecture
Developing compliant token proof-of-concept
Develop secure token API and integrate with existing infrastructure
Add test suite to ensure dapp functions work
Build pilot dapp
Launch product implementation mainnet


Existing architecture scoping
Long-term adoption strategies
Identifying Success Metrics
Testing & Analytics

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Over the past year we've worked with over 25 clients including startups, enterprises, governments, academic institutions and investors. We've consulted on token offerings totalling over 200M USD, established a presence in over 60 countries and accelerated the blockchain adoption of multiple established businesses on a global basis.

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